2017 – Mohammed Adel – أبي [MON PÈRE]

أبي [MON PÈRE]

9min30, 2015, Egypte

Production : Stage Ateliers Varan

Sélectionné : Cinedelta Doc Film Festival ( Egypt – 2017 )
Medfest 1st edition: Under the skin A cinematic voyage into mental health – Cairo 2017
4th Sudan Independent Film Festival ( 2017 )
Special Screening in Egyptian Film Critics Association and it’s the eldest and most important association for filmmakers, film critics..etc ( Egypt – October 2016 )
20th National Festival of Egyptian Cinema ( Egypt – October 2016 )
12th Sakia El Sawy’s Documentary Film Festival ( Egypt – September 2016 )
Art Film Festival – Cannes – France ( 18 – 19 May 2016 )
Days Sabha Short Film – Libya ( 10 -12 May 2016 )
The Disability Film Challenge – USA ( 27 April 2016 )
Festival Tinghir Du Cinema – Morocco ( 14 – 17 April 2016 )
Screening in French Cultural center in Egypt ( December 2015 )
Screening in Alliance Française De Port Said – Egypt ( September 2015 )
Screening in Cinémathèque – Egypt ( August 2015 )
Avec le soutien de : Union Européenne ; Institut Francais – Egypte ; Mairie De Paris ; Procirep ; Ile-De-France


Synopsis : My father died on 16th Jan 2017 without knowing that I made a film about him.

American writer “H.P. Lovercraft” said: “Fear is the strongest and oldest emotion known to man”, And the film is set inside an Egyptian house, beside it based on a true story, is there a link here ?.


Mohammed AdelMohammed Adel

He works as Journalist more than 10 years in several newspapers, magazines, and websites, like Goodnews Cinema magazine, El Dostor, Egyfilm, and Bos W Tol .

Finally he participated to journalism syndicate in Egypt, as he’s now working for Rose El Yousef magazine and website too .

He works too as an editor and scriptwriter for some radio and tv channels like Nogoum FM and Al Arabyia Channel, and he prepared to make some films about Egypt and minority there «  »like religious minority » ».

He made some films as writer, director and producer like Meat, El Ola, and 2 Afternoon, these films are participated in several festivals like international film festival for national unity in Bahrain on 2014 .

His famous film as writer, director & producer is a short documentary film “Helwan .. Moi” (France – Egypt), and its one of L’histore du jour’s French Workshop with cooperation with cultural French center in Egypt, and the film has been selected in more than 30 festivals inside and outside Egypt like : Beirut International Film Festival (Lebanon), Karama Film Festival (Jordan)..etc.


Co-réalisation : Mona Adel

Montage : Essam Esmail

Image : Mohammed Adel & Mona Adel

Son : Mohammed Adel & Essam Esmail

A propos de Coordination Festival AprèsVaran

Le Festival AprèsVaran est un rendez-vous annuel organisé depuis 2014 par les anciens stagiaires des Ateliers Varan. Le Bureau des Anciens Élèves regroupe 1500 élèves formés depuis plus de 30 ans à Paris et à l’étranger. -En 2014, pour sa première édition, le festival se voulait être un hommage au son. -En 2015, lors de sa deuxième édition, le festival s’est focalisé sur le parcours de réalisateurs confirmés comme Julie Bertuccelli, Mariana Otero et Marie-Pierre Brêtas. -En 2016, le festival traite de l'écriture dans le documentaire.

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