« Chuy_n v_ quÍ c˘ng Ba M_ /Back to the hometown with my parents », Duong Mong Thu – Festival 2020

Samedi 16 janvier 2021 à 14h ( Paris) et à 20hPM ( hanoï)


« Chuy_n v_ quÍ c˘ng Ba M_ /Back to the hometown with my parents », Duong Mong Thu, 60’, 2018, Vietnam

Duong Mong Thu and her guests :

Andre van In Réalisateur, formateur de Varan et celui a initié l’ Ateliers de Varan à Vietnam


with the kind presence of Van Thi Ngoc Quy

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You can watch the film and debate of the film « Chuy_n v_ quÍ c˘ng Ba M_ /Back to the hometown with my parents » :

The film of « Back to the hometown with my parents » , and debate with Duong Mong Thu, at our 6th edition of Festival that was programmed :

Teaser of the film :


« My father is originally from Hai Phong city, the North of Vietnam. When he was a teenager, he was mad and left to move down South. Then he’d got fine and met my mother in Danang. We 8 brothers and sisters were born here I’m the youngest daughter We all grew up in this quarter of labors in Da Nang.

Although my father’s not fine he wants to come back to visit his family in Hai Phong to bring the ancestral altar to Da Nang. Because the altar should be put in the eldest son’s place and the eldest son’s children will continue to worship the ancestrals .

The war didn’t let my father coming back to visit his parents And after the Liberation Day, the difficulties of a big family in a poor country didn’t let my father make this trip In 1983, the first time after 30 years leaving the home town, he could come back At that time he learnt that my grandmother had passed away a long time before, and my grandfather was blind.

Finally, my father’s trip to the hometown to receive the altar was done. Shortly after, my father died… »

Festivals : 

The 8th European Documentary Film Festival in Ho Chi Minh city, 2017

BIO of Duong Mong Thu

« I was born in 1977 in Danang city, Viet Nam. I had graduated from the literature branch of Hue Scientific University in 1999. I work at Vietnam television in Danang city from 2000 to now, as a reporter and editor. I have done a lot of documentary films for television. Many of these films won the Gold, Silver, B and C award in the National Television Festival.

I followed the training course of a documentary film director for television in the Philippines in 2007 and participated in » Imaging the Mekong our 2007 «  » project . Then I produced a documentary film  » If tomorrow comes » with the theme of HIV across the border between the two countries Vietnam and Cambodia. This film was screened in the Mekong river region. Now my main job is journalism, besides participating in the workshop of «  »Varan in Da Nang «  ». 

For the documentary film of Varan, I had the film «  »The man hanging banners and slogans » » in 2010 and the film « Mrs Bua’s Carpet »in 2011.

Film Mrs Buaís Carpetî Film « Mrs Buaís Carpet » was selected for screening and competition in the 31th International Festival Jean Rouch in November 2012 in Paris.

Q: Duong Mong Thu How did you become filmmaker ?

Mrs Buaís Carpet was also selected : 

-selected for screening and competition in Documentary film Festival Southeast Asia

-selected for screening and competition in Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival on October 2013 and won Ogawa Shinsuke Award;

-selected for screening in Black Movie Geneva International Independent Film Festival on January 2014; 

-selected for screening and competition in The 4th Salaya International documentary film festival on March 2014… »  


what is your feeling that your film in 6th edition of Apresvaran festival ?

Some words about the film :

A very deep and univresal story narrated with extraordinary rythme, well directed and well edited, a wonderful relation between filmmaker and personnage , between daughter and parents ….a masterpiece to watch...

Mina Rad

La réalisatrice filme son père et sa mère qui reviennent dans leur village, après 30 ans d’exil, pour ramener l’autel des ancêtres. Pris par le destin de cette famille, sur fond d’histoire vietcong, ce qui prévaut c’est l’importance, l’omniprésence des traditions, des rituels. On découvre leur rapport à la mort, à la maladie et comment chaque membre de la famille fait face et appréhende l’inéluctable. 

Emmanuelle Bidou

Une réalisatrice filme son père dans le vietnam contemporain. Il est né à Hai Phong dans le nord du pays mais a vécu dans le sud à Da Nang où sa femme et lui ont eu 9 enfants. Il va entamer un voyage à Hai Phong où il n’est pas retourné depuis des années pour rapporter l’autel des ancêtres en empruntant une ligne ferroviaire qui symbolise la réunification du pays.

Ce film en cinéma direct, avec un peu de commentaire de la réalisatrice, raconte ce voyage du vieil homme, des moments de l’histoire du vietnam remontent à la surface, les croyances, les rituels… c’est un film assez agréable à regarder, d’une grande simplicité il nous fait voyager et découvrir un peu de la culture vietnamienne avec une belle empathie.


Photo exhibition :

A short interview with Duong Mong Thu

These interviews were done in decembre 2020 by Mina Rad by zoom.

Q : How did you get the idea of making this film?

Q : In the film you are the filmmaker, the daughter of the personnage? How did you work out the different positions ? How was the reaction of your father and family ?

Q : What was the reaction of your father when he saw movie ?

Q : How did you start being a filmmaker in Vietnam?

Q : How was your experience at Ateliers Varan Vietnam ?

Duong Mong Thu filmmaker in télévision in Vietnam talks about her carrier, direct cinema and what she learnt from Ateliers Varan in Vietnam

Tell us more about your experience with André Van In :

The pictures of the screening and the debate :

A propos de Coordination Festival AprèsVaran

Le Festival AprèsVaran est un rendez-vous annuel organisé depuis 2014 par les anciens stagiaires des Ateliers Varan. Le Bureau des Anciens Élèves regroupe 1500 élèves formés depuis plus de 30 ans à Paris et à l’étranger. -En 2014, pour sa première édition, le festival se voulait être un hommage au son. -En 2015, lors de sa deuxième édition, le festival s’est focalisé sur le parcours de réalisateurs confirmés comme Julie Bertuccelli, Mariana Otero et Marie-Pierre Brêtas. -En 2016, le festival traite de l'écriture dans le documentaire.

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