« we laughed, we cried, we discussed cinema » by Loredana Acquaviva filmmaker of I Guerrieri – Festival 2020

Festival 2020 : when people want they can, with a thousand difficulties, be together, learn from each other and make beautiful exchanges with people….

« we laughed, we cried, we discussed cinema« , by Loredana Acquaviva, the guest filmmaker of I Guerrieri

My film I Guerrieri had the honour to open the Apres Varan Film Festival. It was in a very strange period in history where the virus was separating us, while elsewhere fears were taking over… Mina Rad stayed focused, doing incredible work. She is unique and has the ability to put together an International festival online with a great selection of films and inspiring people.

There was such warmth we forgot to be separated, closed in our houses. Mina and the Festival had the capacity to make us live different emotions, we laughed we cried, we discussed cinema.

Being new to all this, I was in admiration of how when people want they can, with a thousand difficulties, be together, learn from each other and make beautiful exchanges with people.

The Festival gave me the opportunity to meet, producers, distributors and directors. I loved the film by Giorgi Mrevlishvili, called Twelve Lessons. He is a master in making us live the ‘transmission’, the links between the young and the old generations. The way he shot the land, the wide-open spaces gives you a breath of freedom. He is capable to create a real empathy with his characters and you are rapidly at the heart of his subject.

His direction touched me deeply. I asked myself why and the answer is: Giorgi is capable to create a real empathy; you are rapidly at the heart of his subject and he makes me identify with his characters. All these for me are the qualities of a great and sincere director, which I am very happy to have met.

I want to personally thank Mina Rad for this opportunity and to make me dream and also the entire team who have worked on the Festival for their support and their kind words about my film so thank you to Michelle Gaeles, Marie Chauveau, Manu Bidou, Nicolas Hans Martin.

A big Thank you to the anthropologist Renato Athias, which followed the Festival from Brasil, made a speech for introducing my film and wrote a beautiful message about it.

Loredana Acquaviva

SITE DE LOREDANA: http://loredana-acquaviva.fr/

A propos de Mina Rad

Mina Rad, filmmaker and producer has made the films about anthropologist and great film-makers : Jean Rouch (France), Pierre Perrault (Canada)and Renato Athias ( Brésil). She is the founder of Apresvaran, an alumni association of Ateliers Varan and director of the International Apresvaran Documentary Film Festival in Paris. "The Hupd’äh Enchanted Words of the Amazon - Masters of knowledge, narrated by Renato Athias", 52', 2020, "The future of the past, Pierre and Yolande Perrault", 61’, 2019, "Persian Tales, Jean Rouch in Iran", 57’, 2018, “Jean Rouch Persian look”, 52’, 2017. In 2012 her first film,made during Atelier Varan training, entitled “For me the sun never sets” was awarded the Best Documentary Film at Verity Festival in Iran, and the jury mentioned, “For the warmth and simplicity to tell a profound story.”

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