The photos of the 8th edition Festival 2023 by Menno Lambreghts the cousin of André Van In Varan memberThe photos of the 8th edition Festival 2023

The photos of the 8th edition by Menno Lambreghts the cousin of André Van In Varan member

This is a beautiful photographic reportage that Menno Lambreghts, professional photographer made about the 8th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Apresvaran on the week end of 25th and 26th of November.

Menno Lambreghts, Belgian photographer had came all the way from Belgium to Paris to find out more about his cousin of the family André Van In the Varan member. On Saturday morning 25th of November, it was in front of the Ateliers Varan that the organisation committee of the festival met him for the first time.

When we met him at first we thought he came for the festival and for the memorial session of his cousin that we are organising at the festival. I was asking how did he gotthe information about the festival and the memory day of André Van In.

Un believable, magic, a gift of universe , … We were going to have a memory day of André Van In. on Sunday 26th with the presence of Chantal Roussel, his wife and member of Ateliers Varan. Gift of universe : a cousin of André Van In , was waiting for us to open the doors and start the first day of our festival . It was just like that André Van In has sent a member of his family to be with us to start our festival and to support as he has been doing for last 11 years.. André who was always supporting the festival, all the initiative to meet the former Varan students. It was him who had always supported the evolution of our festival . And now his cousin was with the committee of organisation at the opening of teh festival

Menno became a part of our team. He liked the atmosphere, the screening. It was just like he was walking on the path of André Van In in Varan and he stayed the twos days of the festival with us. Menno Brought his talents and took the unforgottable pictures that will remain in whole history of Apres Varan. These re these photos of the opening day of the festival that we are sharing here with you.

Thank you Univers

Thank you André

Great thanks to Menno that make the opening of our festival eternal with these beautiful and deep looking pictures.

thank to Chantal with her presence with us

Mina Rad

Coordinatrice du Festival

The round table about the production

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