2018 – Angkar–Cinéma du Réel –Neary Adeline Hay

La réalisatrice filme son père, Cambodgien exilé, de retour au village où il fut déporté par les Khmers. Leurs voix-off font contrepoint aux conversations apaisées de cet homme avec ses anciens tortionnaires.
The filmmaker films her father, a Cambodian exile, on his return to the village to which he was deported by the Khmers. Their voice-overs provide a counterpoint to the father’s appeased conversations with his former tormentors.


Production : The cup of tea

70’ • 2018 • france

vendredi 23 mars, 18h00, FI 300 + débat

samedi 24 mars, 16h30, C2 + débat

mardi 27 mars, 19h00, FI




A propos de Mina Rad

Mina Rad, filmmaker and producer has made the films about anthropologist and great film-makers : Jean Rouch (France), Pierre Perrault (Canada)and Renato Athias ( Brésil). She is the founder of Apresvaran, an alumni association of Ateliers Varan and director of the International Apresvaran Documentary Film Festival in Paris. "The Hupd’äh Enchanted Words of the Amazon - Masters of knowledge, narrated by Renato Athias", 52', 2020, "The future of the past, Pierre and Yolande Perrault", 61’, 2019, "Persian Tales, Jean Rouch in Iran", 57’, 2018, “Jean Rouch Persian look”, 52’, 2017. In 2012 her first film,made during Atelier Varan training, entitled “For me the sun never sets” was awarded the Best Documentary Film at Verity Festival in Iran, and the jury mentioned, “For the warmth and simplicity to tell a profound story.”

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