Covid-19, Chấp nhận để chuyển hóa (From Now On…) de Duong Mong Thu, Vietnam membre 2021

Covid-19, Chấp nhận để chuyển hóa  (From Now On…) de Duong Mong Thu, 49′,Vietnam 


Covid – 19 makes the world wobble and unbelivably slowdowned human day to day life. In Vietnam, the situation is under control, but all over the world, the pandemic has taken nummerous lives and brought too much damage to mankind. « From now on … » – a long documentary that captures a haunting historical period that humanity is going through, but from a positive perspective. There should be no pain that become meaningless.
« From now on … » is a diary of pictures, recording the experiences and feelings of my friends from many parts of Vietnam and different countries around the world. Characters shoot and tell their own stories. They are living witnesses in this unprecedented global tragedy called Covid -19. Each story is a slice of the big flow …


I  work at Vietnam television in Danang city from 2000 to now, is reporter, editor, and  director.
     My  film “Mrs Bua’s Carpet”  selected for screening and competition in the 31th International Festival Jean Rouch on November 2012 in Paris;  selected for screening and competition in Documentary film Festival Southeast Asia;  selected for screening and competition in Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival on October 2013 and won Ogawa Shinsuke Award- the highest award in the Asian documentary category;  selected for screening  in Black Movie Geneva International Independent Film Festival on January 2014 and selected for screening and competition in The 4th Salaya International documentary film festival on March 2014. Film « Mrs Bua’s Carpet » is also bought copyright by a public library in France in 2013.
The film « The trip back to hometown with my parents » was chosen to be screened at the Europe-Vietnam Film Festival in 2017 and was chosen to be screened at 6th International Documentary Film Festival Aprés Varan in 2021
Film « Mrs Bua’s Carpet » was buy copyrighted by University of Helsinki University of Finland for film teaching work for students  » in 2018.

Un mot de Michelle Gales

Ce film est un intéressant et touchant état des lieux dans plusieurs pays au temps du Covid. Vietnam est au centre et les autres pays sont vus à travers le regard d’un

vietnamien. Les allers-venues à travers l’internet semblent parfois une paresse de mise en scène bien que justifié par le role plus important d’internet pendant cette période. Le fil est très intéressant en étant un choix de réalisation différent du meme thème que le film belge “Une Place au Soleil”. Il est aussi en résonance avec le film “Respire, souris, vis.

A propos de Mina Rad

Mina Rad, filmmaker and producer has made the films about anthropologist and great film-makers : Jean Rouch (France), Pierre Perrault (Canada)and Renato Athias ( Brésil). She is the founder of Apresvaran, an alumni association of Ateliers Varan and director of the International Apresvaran Documentary Film Festival in Paris. "The Hupd’äh Enchanted Words of the Amazon - Masters of knowledge, narrated by Renato Athias", 52', 2020, "The future of the past, Pierre and Yolande Perrault", 61’, 2019, "Persian Tales, Jean Rouch in Iran", 57’, 2018, “Jean Rouch Persian look”, 52’, 2017. In 2012 her first film,made during Atelier Varan training, entitled “For me the sun never sets” was awarded the Best Documentary Film at Verity Festival in Iran, and the jury mentioned, “For the warmth and simplicity to tell a profound story.”

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